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Guest Experts

The Guest Experts will conduct an interactive Workshop before the beginning of the Committee work upon the respective topic at hand.

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Giannis F. Ioannidis is the President of the Hellenic League for Human Rights and 1st Vice President of the National Commission for Human Rights. He is a Lawyer, specialized in public and criminal law. He served as Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior as well as Secretary General of Transparency and Human Rights at the Ministry of Justice. He has been the Head of the legal aid office of the “Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals” (KETHEA) in Athens, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the "Medical Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims", member of the temporary Management Committee of the Department in Athens of the “National Research Foundation Eleftherios K. Venizelos". He has participated, in Greece and abroad, in numerous conferences and seminars on human rights, immigration, administrative reform and decentralization. Author of the monograph “Les privations de liberté au nom de l'ordre public” (The deprivation of liberty in the name of public order), in European public law series - Bibliothèque de droit public européen. He studied Law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and at the Sorbonne’s University (Paris I Panthéon - Sorbonne) where he obtained his D.E.A. in constitutional law and individual freedoms. 

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Dr. Wolfgang S. Heinz is currently senior lecturer for Political Science at the Free University Berlin. He is a former Vice-President of the European Committee on the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and  former Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council Advisory Committee. He holds an outstanding experience in the field of Human Rights, being a Former Senior Policy Adviser at the German Institute for Human Rights (National Human Rights Institution) in Berlin, with focus on United Nations (UN), international security policies, and torture prevention in Europe. 

Professor Ogwezzy Michael Chukwujindu is currently a Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, Rivers State University, Port-Harcourt. He holds a Bachelor, Master of Law Degrees (LL.B, LL.M, ML.D, MASIO/LL.M) and a Ph.D in Law from the Universities of: Ibadan, Delta State University, Zurich-Switzerland and University of Nigeria-Nsukka, respectively. He holds the Professional Call to Bar Certificate of the Nigerian Law School. He has taught: Human Rights Law, Oil and Gas Law, International Law, Cyber Law, Law of Tort, Administrative Law, IP Law, Constitutional Law and Energy Law to undergraduate and postgraduate Law Students through the years. In addition, he has supervised Undergraduate LL.B Long Essays, Masters LL.M Dissertations and Ph.D Theses. His publications number over sixty in refereed local and international law journals that are domicile in Law Faculties of different universities across the continents of the world. He has authored, co-authored and edited textbooks in Law. He has attended several conferences and workshops in the field of law at national and international levels.

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George Evgenidis is a journalist for TV networks, radio stations, print and online media. He currently works for Star Channel as the anchor of the Midday News and as political commentator of the Evening News. He is a political correspondent for and Political newspaper. He has worked for SKAI TV and Radio as a host and political correspondent and for various newspapers and newssites over the past years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from FU Berlin and a Master's in New Media and Communication from VUB in Brussels. He is an alumni of the German School of Athens and had participated in many MUN conferences as a student

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Ioannis Prezas is a Lawyer at the European Court of Human Rights on leave from his position as an Associate Professor at the Sorbonne Law School (University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), where he taught public international law, the law of international adjudication, international environmental law and international investment law. He holds a PhD from the University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas for which he was awarded, inter alia, the prestigious thesis prize of the French Society of international law. He is a member of the Sorbonne research institute for international and European Studies (IREDIES), the French branch of the international law association, the French society of international law and the Hellenic society of international law and international relations. His publications include an edited volume entitled Substance et procédure en droit international public: dialectique et influences croisées, Paris, Pedone, 2019.

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Alberto Prati is an economist, working at the intersection of behavioural economics, philosophy of science and social psychology. Since 2020, he has joined University of Oxford as a postdoctoral research fellow of the Wellbeing Research Centre and SciencesPo Paris as a lecturer in Economics. He is an associate faculty at the Aix-Marseille School of Economics and a research associate of the French Well-being Observatory. He has been a consultant for the OECD within the Better Life Initiative.He has a B.Sc in Econometrics and a B.A. in Philosophy from Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University. He also holds a M.Res. in Economics from EHESS & Paris School of Economics. He competed his PhD in Economics at Aix-Marseille School of EconomicsHis research explores the relationship between time, judgments and decisions, with a particular focus on subjective well-being. He has also been studying cognitive biases, environmental sustainability and political preferences, using quantitative socio-economic data.

Konstantinos Rotas is a public official, currently serving as the Head of the Strategic Planning and the Regulatory Compliance (w. parallel duties) Departments at the Directorate for Cybersecurity Strategic Planning of the National Cybersecurity Authority of Greece. He holds a degree in law, as well as a master’s degree in international legal studies from the University of Athens. In addition, he is a graduate of the National School of Public Administration and Local Government of Greece (NSPA). Konstantinos Rotas has worked in various positions of the Greek public sector (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction), as well as an attorney at law, prior to his appointment. His fields of expertise include: provision of legal support and advice (inter alia, cybersecurity, data protection, international and comparative law, administrative law, as well as the implementation of better regulation principles), strategic management and public policy formulation, implementation and evaluation, collaboration with several international and European institutions, as well as the provision of support regarding organizational and HR management practices in public sector entities (incl. Ministries, Legal entities of Public and Private Law, Regions etc.).

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