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Dear Friends,

We invite you to the 3rd International Leirion MUN Conference this October in Athens, Greece.

On a journey in the wonderful world of MUN, skills, self- awareness, quantum communication, psychology, philosophy, rhetoric and artificial intelligence.

A new approach to knowledge, the way that conferences are utilised, to the meaning of the many "whys" a young person must participate in these educational programs.

You will have the opportunity to coexist with excellent scientists, meet new friends, experience the unique light of Athens, discover yourselves, enrich your knowledge and curriculum vitae.

Our social program includes: a Cultural and Philosophical Tour to the Temple of Hephaestus, Athens by night and Social Events.

The Academic program includes: Psychological & Social Skills courses, Quantum Communication Course, AI Skills Workshop, MUN Workshops, Chairman Skills Course and Security Council Workshop.

Two intriguing and thoughtful simulations await you, GA3 with the central theme: "The Ethics of AI Technologies and their Human Rights Implications" and the Security Council with the central theme being: "The Militarization of the Arctic Circle: Curse or Blessing?".
A unique opportunity for beginners to enter with ease and no stress the area of simulations, as well as a great opportunity for those who have the experience to coordinate from the position of President or Organising Committee.

Leirion created this project with a vision for a harmonious coexistence of youths from various parts of the world, an academic program of a very high level  to obtain not only skills and knowledge but also strong curriculum vitae.

We will be happy to see you in Athens this October for all the above mentioned and in addition to disclose and share our psyches and love.

Pani Anna 

Conference Director

Founder & Chairwoman of Leirion Alternative Library

Leirion MUN Group Picture.jpg

 leirion mun academy 

 3rd international conference 

October 19-22, 2023

The International Leirion MUN
Academy Conference
Is Under The Auspices Of The
Of Papagos - Cholargos

Anna Pani

Conference Director

Founder & Chairwoman of Leirion Alternative Library

Erik Holmgren
(SBU) Erik Holmgren is the Economic Counselor at U.S. Embassy Athens. Erik serves as the Ambassador’s principal advisor on economic issues and manages a team of seven U.S. staff and two locally employed staff. Prior to arriving in Greece in July 2021, Erik served as the Energy, Environment, Science, and Technology Counselor in Mexico City. Erik has served as Deputy Political
Counselor Moscow, Political and Economic Chief Podgorica, as NATO Desk officer in the State Department as well as tours in Kyiv and Lima. Erik has a J.D. from George Washington University and a B.S./B.A. from University of Wisconsin- Platteville in civil engineering and Spanish. Erik is originally from Madison
Wisconsin. He is married with three children.
Marc Rodriguez Caravaca

Co-Founder and President of Barcelona International Model United Nations

Leirion MUN Ambassador

Ilias Apostolopoulos
Mayor of the Municipality Papagos - Cholargos
Member of the Board of Directors Κ.Ε.Δ.Ε.
President of ITA

Leirion is an alternative library, an art place. It was founded in 2017 with a passion and a vision for books, art and innovative educational methods to be more widely spread and promoted. 


Our philosophy is that every individual should have access to quality educational programs as well as discover the book through alternative paths.


Our home is sensitive to social matters such as unaccompanied refugee minors, abused women, abandoned children in maternity hospitals.

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