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4th international
LEIRION mun conference


 10 - 13 april 2025 


Dear friends of Leirion and honorable MUNers everywhere in the world,

it is my honor to invite you to the 4th International Leirion MUN Conference in April 2025 in the beautiful country of Malta. On an island in the Mediterranean Sea, which, as the word says, is the middle of the world.

What could be in the middle of the world? 

" A hearth ", the younger members of Leirion would reply. A hearth where you light a fire, mother kneads bread and makes food for everyone. This is the Mediterranean Sea, full of culture and an open embrace.

Humanity's darkest times are when it is spiritually hungry...

This trip to Malta, this Leirion MUN Conference aim to help as much as they can so that our society does not go spiritually hungry.

For the 4th conference we have prepared an excellent academic program, with current issues, aiming at enriching the academic knowledge and developing the skills of the participants. This year we have added round tables to the program with four main topics that raise questions philosophically, socially and politically. They raise questions that do not necessarily have an answer but can accompany our thoughts for a long time.

And therein lie the benefits.

“ To be able to reflect freely because only then can a person reflect well ”

( Albrecht Hallers ) .

Let's travel to Malta, all together, for a conference on Sustainable Cities and Telecommunications.

A timely and challenging issue for the future of humanity.


Yours sincerely, 

Anna Pani 

Conference Director 

Anna Pani

Conference Director

Founder & Director of Leirion MUN Academy

Founder & Chairwoman of Leirion Alternative Library

Dr. Athanasios Staveris - Polykalas
Member of Organizing Team
Head Of Academic Team
Marilena Kousiori
Head of Organizing Team
Michail Armaos
Member of Organizing Team
Eva Vazaiou
Member of Organizing Team
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