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New Summer Program Alert: Leirion MUN Academy !

Are you looking for a memorable summer academic experience that combines 80 hours of multidisciplinary academic instruction and excursions in one of the most dreamy Greek island destinations? Look no further! The Leirion MUN Summer Academy is the absolute choice for you.

Register now for 10 days of the most incredible combination of academic and cultural exploration!

Where? Zakynthos, Ionian Sea

-venue: Hotel Castello Beach - Argasi Zakynthos

When? Summer 2023

-dates:July 7th-16th, 2023

What? 80 hours of academic workshops and trainings by experts

-workshops: AI skills (artificial Intelligence), Quantum Physics, Philosophy & Culture, Rhetoric, Education in Psychological & Social Skills Development, Astronomy, and of course... a series of MUN workshops (chairman skills, UN history, MUN formal debate

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